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"The Music in Me" (Chapter 1) was an exhibition-concert that took place at the Gesellschaft fur Aktuelle Kunst (GAK) Bremen in 2002. It presented contemporary visual artists who wrote, produced, or interpreted music in genres ranging from folk to pop, rock, computer, electronic, DJ collage and appropriation. This page streams tracks from the catalogue produced on this occasion at the GAK Bremen. Due to lack of space less than half of the existing projects are currently streamed at a low bitrate (64 kpbs). There is however a high quality CD catalogue available.




Track 2: Second Introduction



Track 3: Ned Sublette, Lawrence Weiner & The Persuasions



Track 4: Skart Horkerskart - Superflex Musictool



Track 5: RTMARC Deconstracting Beck - Illegal Art



Track 7: Alexei Shulgin 386 DX



Track 9: Third Introduction



Track 11: Die Todliche Doris



Track 14: Aline Bouvy/ John Gillis



Track 15: Andrei Monastyrskii



Track 17: Mike Kelley / Destroy All Monsters



Track 18: List of Artists


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