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Mashrou’ Proletkult

Exhibition and All-Artist-Congress at AUB


Mashrou' Proletkult is an exhibition and one-day congress. The exhibition is an invitation to every artist to display his or her artwork at AUB; the Mashrou’ Proletkult All-Artist-Congress offers every artist present for or represented at this event the opportunity to deliver a speech on a relevant topic of his or her choosing.

Mashrou' Proletkult is not a curated exhibition, but the fruit of collective work carried out in the summer of 2016 by the Mashrou' Proletkult Working Committee. The Committee comprises art history and architecture students, art professors, and other cultural workers from and around AUB. For this exhibition and its congress, there is no curator, no jury, and no prize involved, and all decisions with regard to it are made collectively by the Mashrou' Proletkult Working Committee. The name “Proletkult” is inspired by the revolutionary cultural politics established in the Soviet Russia after the October revolution or 1917, with the goal of encouraging mass participation in the making of a new progressive art and culture. We are bringing this historical experience into the reality of our flat, gray, and ahistorical contemporaneity in the hope of making a modest contribution towards a more democratic and egalitarian culture.


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